Tuition 100% Tax Deductible

SmileFaith Advanced Training & Research Institute is a program of SmileFaith, a 501c3 nonprofit. Students have the unique opportunity to “pay it forward” by
registering for Institute courses. Enrollees will receive a charitable tax receipt for tuition costs and many expenses related to course work, as long as payment is made to SmileFaith, Inc. Additional cash contributions (designated or non-designated), and all donated supplies and equipment, are considered tax deductible.

Your “donation” will help to ensure that this amazing 501(c)3 nonprofit can continue to provide charitable dental services to our very deserving Veterans. All donations
help keep the SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic stocked and equipped ensuring our Veterans will continue to have access to experienced, caring dental professionals, complete restorative care, and the very latest in technologies.

Recommended Financing Options