Homeopathic Protocols for Dental Professionals & Surgeons


Course Instructor
Dr. Diana Bronstein, DDS, MS, MS
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Course Tuition (Didactic)
$125.00 Auxiliary Staff
(Assistant, Hygienist, Technician)
Continuing Education Units
8 CE’s


Course Objective
This clinical homeopathy course for dental practitioners, dental hygienists and surgeons will cover the background, pharmacology and production of commonly utilized homeopathic remedies. The focus will be on adjunctive, clinical, pre and post-surgical dental and oral health application of homeopathy by the clinician and dental surgeon. Treatment recommendations and prescriptions will be presented
for various dental, surgical, periodontal and oral conditions. This course will educate about homeopathy and help develop an appreciation for this modality of integrative oral medicine adjunctive to standard of care.


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