Course Date: July 16-20, 2020
Instructor: Dr. Isaac Tawil
Course Fee: $12,500 (IM601-IM604)
$4,995 Alternate course suite substituting IM605 for IM604; “Excludes hands on live patient surgery”
CEU’s: Up to 30 CE Credit Earned
Location: SmileFaith Advanced Training & Research Institute, New Port Richey, Florida. Travel assistance available to Florida amenities and attractions!

Live Patient Implant Immersion “Suite” (IM601-IM605)

JULY 16-20, 2020

This advanced course suite culminates in a real world execution of simple and complex implant procedures including bone grafting, sinus lifts, ridge splitting, soft tissue grafting, and more. Each dentist will place multiple implants on their “Veteran” patient.
*Course option for alternative “surgical observation” for dentists not licensed in US COURSE DATES:
July 16……..IM601 Intro to Implant Surgery, Lecture (6 CE Credits)
July 17am…IM602 Bone Grafting & Sinus Elevation, Lecture (3 CE Credits)
July 17pm…IM603 Implant Prosthetics, Lecture (3 CE Credits)
July 18-20…IM604 Practicum: Hands on Live Patient Implant Surgery (18 CE Credits)
*Licensed US Dentists Only
July 18-20…IM605 Live Surgical Observation (10 CE Credits) **Alternate to IM604

Special Note:

  • Course tuition is 100% tax deductible (additional fees may also be tax deductible, Consult your tax professional)
  • Course participants will have the honor of serving our Veterans through hands on implant surgery.