Training Portal

Pre-Course For Implantology

Your patients have been specifically selected for your team. The initial CBCT, Health History and Oral Hygiene information is attached as well as all consents, liability waivers, and promissory commitment forms for review. Each of you has been teamed up with a colleague and assigned a patient. Each team has been assigned an instructor/mentor who will come alongside of you to assist, give direction, and oversee you through each step of pre-planning and implant placement for your assigned patient.

Each team member will be given access through the training portal to patient’s photographs, x-rays, pre-screening information for review. Dental team will work together on their assigned patients’ preliminary diagnosis and projected treatment plan.

Your team will receive:

  • Carestream login – for CBCT training
  • Web portal – for team participation
  • Each team will decide on # of hours of teamwork and how many times per week to meet to work on their case. Each team will receive a CV of their course Instructor(s) and/or Mentor(s)

Your team must have all pre-course training completed within 15 days of the start of the surgical course.